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Reduce operating costs to your Human Resources Department, while ensuring the latest regulation and best practices, safeguarding state and federal compliance! 1. Cut down on administration Save valuable HR time and resource with the support of digital tools, workflows and processes 2. Support employees with a centralized digital workplace Give employees the tools and information they need to perform their roles effectively and efficiently 3. Build your employer brand and support recruitment initiatives Establishing an engaged, unified culture in today’s globalized business marketplace is a growing challenge and priority for the HR profession. It not only plays a central role in shaping a positive employee experience, but employer branding is now consistently cited as a top consideration for Millennial and Gen Z generations seeking opportunities. 4. Manage and monitor employee development Motivate, recognize and performance manage your employees 5. Onboard and train employees Studies show that the time it takes for new hires to become productive can be as great as 12 months, presenting a considerable loss to your organization. Furthermore, employee turnover is typically highest during the initial period of employment: a study by BambooHR puts this figure at 16-17% of employees leaving between the first week and the third month of starting their new job. 6. Support remote workers, telecommuters, and regional offices or staff Technology has given many organizations more opportunity and flexibility than ever before. The result is a growing trend towards dispersed workforces, with employees now able to perform their roles regardless of their location.