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Hello my name is Chris and hail from the city of Chicago. I’ve been working with SharePoint since the beginning. I’ve also expanded to other areas over the course of my career and continue to do so. Please contact me for questions related to SharePoint or other technologies.

SharePoint Developer

The following are the ways I can help out with SharePoint

  • Customize SharePoint list forms
  • Develop SharePoint web applications
  • Create portals for corporate intranet
  • Create portals for departments (e.g. HR, IT, marketing, sales, etc.)
  • Develop SharePoint smart phone or tablet apps
  • Integrate external apps and systems

CMS Developer

I also have a lot of experience working as a content management systems developer which I got started through SharePoint, when it was a popular system for public sites. I re-platformed the following sites on SharePoint:,,,,, and many others.

Since then I’ve worked with other systems such as Sitecore (certified), Kentico (certified), Umbraco, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others.

Full Stack Web Developer

As a SharePoint and CMS developer, I’ve worked with the Microsoft .Net framework and Microsoft backend systems extensively. Around seven years ago I decided to expand into modern web development and have become comfortable working with React, Typescript, SASS, Gulp, Webpack and other libraries and frameworks.

Cloud Developer

Spending the last seven years in the digital agency world has given me the opportunity with many corporate clients, projects types and teams sizes which has led me to the “Cloud” for distributed and scalable solutions and well as dev operations. I’m certified as a Azure Cloud Developer and Azure DevOps Expert but have also worked with AWS and Google Cloud.

Mobile Developer

This is one of my newer skill sets I’m continuing to build and would not call myself an expert, yet, but have worked with Xamarin, Flutter and React Native to build some interesting apps for SharePoint to improve the experience of users for various business related processes.

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