SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a versatile platform that offers several advantages for developing applications, especially for organizations that rely on Microsoft technologies and infrastructure.

SharePoint Features

SharePoint has many features out of the box to build robust applications. These include lists for data storage, forms for gathering data, workflows and web hooks for automation, security for authentication and authorization and the site itself for hosting.

SPFX vs Power Platform

There are quite a few options available to build applications for SharePoint but the two main ones are SPFX and Power Apps.


SharePoint Framework, SPFX, is SharePoint’s web development framework. Web parts, forms, command buttons, themes and entire applications can be built. Applications built with SPFX run within SharePoint which means they are mobile friendly. There’s no extra cost to using anything built with SPFX, as opposed to Power Apps, but there is a larger upfront cost for development, typically.

Power Apps and Power Automate

The Power platform is Microsoft’s low-code/no-code framework for developing applications and automation. Low-code/no-code platforms provide a visual drag and drop way to build web and mobile applications. Power App applications can consume data from SharePoint, automate tasks through Power Automate and list forms can be customized. Apps developed for SharePoint display through iframe web parts, which may impact mobile device experience, and if users want to access the app through their mobile devices, it has to be done through the Power Mobile App. There is a subscription fee for builders, $20 per user monthly, and users, $200 per 100 users monthly.

How I can Help You

My name is Chris Gomez, I reside in the Chicagoland area and I’m a SharePoint/Microsoft architect and developer, among other things. I work with various agencies and their clients and projects, linkedin, and I can help you implement your SharePoint application. I typically charge $50 per hour, in eight-hour blocks, but the first call/meeting is always free. Contact me or connect with me via LinkedIn.