What is SharePoint Governance and Why Do I Need it?

Perhaps nothing is more critical to a SharePoint intranet, indeed any type of intranet is a plan for governance and the automated tools and processes to maintain it. The following are just some of the benefits to effective governance.

Reduced IT Costs

Clear policies and procedures for intranet management can help reduce IT costs by preventing duplication of effort, reducing the need for support and maintenance, and optimizing the use of technology resources.

Improved Productivity

A well-governed intranet can help employees find the information they need more quickly, collaborate more effectively, and streamline business processes. This can lead to increased productivity and efficiency, which can save time and money.

Avoidance of Legal and Regulatory Costs

Intranet governance can help organizations avoid legal and regulatory costs by ensuring that the intranet is compliant with relevant laws and regulations. This can help prevent fines and legal fees associated with non-compliance.

Reduced Risk of Data Breaches

A well-governed intranet can help reduce the risk of data breaches by establishing clear security policies and procedures for managing sensitive data. This can help avoid the costs associated with data breaches, such as legal fees, reputational damage, and regulatory fines.

Improved Decision-Making

Governance can provide a framework for decision-making that helps organizations make more informed and effective decisions. This can lead to better resource allocation, reduced waste, and increased cost savings.

SharePoint Governance Plan

The following are some are some of the steps to implement your intranet governance.

Conduct an Assessment

Start by conducting an assessment of the company’s current intranet governance practices. This can include a review of policies and procedures, as well as an evaluation of the intranet’s technical architecture and security.

Identify Best Practices

Based on the assessment, identify best practices for intranet governance that are appropriate for the company’s needs and objectives. This can include policies and procedures, technical solutions, and training and education.

Develop a Governance Framework

Develop a governance framework that establishes clear roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures for managing the intranet. This can include guidelines for content creation, publication, and management, as well as security policies and procedures.

Training and Education

Create training and education to employees on intranet governance best practices, including how to create and manage content, adhere to security policies and procedures, and use the intranet to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Review and Update

Finally, review and update the intranet governance framework on a regular basis to ensure that it remains relevant and effective. This can include periodic assessments, as well as updates to policies and procedures based on changes in technology, regulations, or business needs.

Governance Help

We can help with every phase of the governance journey through our experience and customized digital solutions to help automate and keep your intranet secure, cost effective and productive. Contact us today!