SharePoint Board of Directors Template

Description of Template
The Board of Directors SharePoint template helps teams manage the organization of board meetings. The site provides a centralized location where board members can find information on upcoming meetings, notes and documents from past meetings and tasks that need to be completed. The site also allows board members to create news-group style discussions on topics which can integrated with an RSS reader such as the one provided in Microsoft Office Outlook. In addition to enabling the scheduling of board meetings, the site automates the process of creating a meeting specific sub-site, which is linked from the main page of the board of directors web site. The subsite enables meeting specific collaboration on meeting objectives, attendees, agenda and related documents.
In addition, the site provides a single location for board members to enter and track contact information, which can be synchronized with Office Outlook 2007. It also includes a location to enter links to useful sites such as competitors, product or industry publications.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Create a Board Event: The primary purpose of the Board of Directors site is to help teams manage board meetings. The site enables a user to schedule a board meeting using the provided calendar item. When a board meeting is schedule, automated workflow creates a meeting specific minutes document and a discussion topic. The meeting notes can be edited using Microsoft Office Word and linked to the particular meeting it is covering.
  • View Meeting Specific Information: Board members are able to click on a specific meeting to view all the relevant minutes, documents, discussions and tasks that have been entered on the site. From this page, users can click on the link to create new items or can open items that have already been uploaded by team members.
  • Simplified Creation of Meeting Notes: When an event is created, an automated workflow creates a meeting note document which can be populated by a board secretary to track the discussions taking place during the meeting. The document template includes sections for announcements, discussion and roundtable discussions as well as fields for date and attendee information. Once saved to the site, it can be associated to a particular meeting, simplifying the process for team members to find relevant meeting note documents.
  • Meeting Specific Workspaces: When a board meeting or event is created using the site, users are whether they wish to create a separate meeting workspace to enable event specific collaboration. Users choose from five standard meeting templates which provide different functionality based on the type of event that is being organized. The Basic Meeting template, for example, includes sections for Objectives, Agenda, Documents and Attendees, which also enables tracking of response and can send automated email updates.
  • Discussion Management: The site also includes the capability to centrally host discussions regarding a particular event or meeting. Members create discussion topics that are viewable on the site or through an RSS reader such as the one provided in Office Outlook. When a reply is added, Office Outlook 2007 synchronizes with the site, providing a direct link to the discussion to simplify the process of tracking discussions or entering a reply.

Site Lists and Libraries
Board Information: Use this Document Library to store important board documents.
Meeting Documents: Use this Document Library to keep track of general documents related to meetings.
Meeting Minutes: Use this Document Library to store meeting minutes and other meeting notes.
Board Events: Use the board event list to keep the board informed of upcoming calendar items.
Discussion: Use the team discussion list to hold newsgroup style discussions on topics relevant to the board.

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