SharePoint Case Management for Government Agencies Template

Description of Template
The Case Management for Government Agencies application template SharePoint helps agencies track the status of open cases. Case administrators can designate whether a case is open or closed, upload supporting documents for a particular case, and assign a case to a responsible case manager. The template also provides user specific dashboards which list cases and tasks owned by the authenticated user. Tasks can be created for each case and supporting documents can be uploaded to help case managers maintain to do items and related information in a single location.

Functionality of the Application Template

  • Open a New Case: This is typically the first action that is taken for a new case. Using this workflow automatically generates three documents. The first is a Microsoft Office Excel® template which can be used to help track expenses for a particular case. The second is a Microsoft Office Word memo template and the third is an Office Word template for tracking the status of a case. New tasks are also automatically generated for each new case, including a task for the assigned owner to intake information and meet with the client. The generation is driven by a custom workflow, which can be accesses through Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer.
  • Assign a Case: If the case manager is not known when a case is created, this common action can be used to assign a case, including the tasks and ownership of the three documents, to a new owner. It can also be used to reassign cases between managers.
  • Close a Case: This action can be used to close a case within the application template.

Each user can access a personalized dashboard of his or her open cases and tasks for each case. Also, documents pertaining to each case are organized under a case list, which helps case managers keep track of documents pertaining to each case under management. Users of the application template can create and assign new tasks for a particular case. The details of the task will be sent as an email message to the group or person assigned to the item automtically.

Additional Functionality
The application template also includes additional functionality to help managers better manage government cases. A document library for holding monthly reports has been provided as well as a shared calendar and team annoucements. Common filters are utilized to show different view of case data, including user specific cases, all cases, unassigned cases and unassigned tasks.

Site Lists and Libraries
Case Documents: The case documents library holds all documents that are assigned to cases. The default view organizes the documents by case number. As discussed, this application template has a custom workflow built to automatically generate two template documents and one template spreadsheet.
Expense Report Library: This document library can be used to hold expense reports that do not pertain to a particular case.
Memo Library: Track memos that are assigned to a particular case.
Monthly Reports Library: Track monthly reports that can be created and uploaded by the case manager or others on the case management team.
Announcements: Track announcements that can be viewed by the entire team.
Calendar: Use the calendar to organize dates and times of particular events or activities.
Cases: Provides a listing of all cases that have been entered into the application template, including case number, title, status, assigned to, created date and status of workflow.
Links: Use links to list links to relevant or related Web sites within the organization or outside the firewall.
Tasks: Use the task list to keep track of work that you or your team needs to complete.