SharePoint Change Request Management Template

The Change Request Management SharePoint solution enables teams to manage change requests through a custom lists and forms.

The change request edit form includes the ability to add multiple stakeholder and areas of impact.

The change request display form displays the Approve and Reject buttons for the approver to take action.

Both forms replace the out of the box SharePoint forms and are accessible through the list’s new, edit and view links.

Both of these forms can be customized for your organization’s needs. For example, perhaps multiple approvers are needed or a different set of multiple rows like areas of impact or stakeholders. Power Automate can be used to send emails to approvers and implementors when a form is created or the status updated. A dashboard can be added to display the status of requests visually or perhaps a Kanban board to move a request across statuses.

To get started:

  1. Enter your email below to download.
  2. Go to installation and deployment to install template.
  3. Go to SharePoint form customization to replace the out of the box SharePoint forms with the new ones for the newly created “changes” list.

Go to contact, if you have questions or need help.