SharePoint Help Desk Template

Description of Template The Help Desk template for SharePoint helps teams manage service requests from inception through to cause identification, initial solution, escalation and resolution. The template helps automate much of the process, with task oriented pages to display relevant information for each service request and an integrated knowledge base system. Dashboards help management track customer satisfaction with metrics such as issues resolution time, survey results, customer specific dashboards and customer service representative performance.
Using the template, end users initiate a request by visiting the Help Desk site and completing a Service Request. Built in knowledge base and Support FAQ pages can simplify the process of researching solutions to help desk requests or allow users to research answers to their own questions. Users can then check back to see the status of any outstanding service requests and can also choose to escalate their service request to a higher priority, if required.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

Site Lists and Libraries
Application Pages: A document library used to store the application pages listed below.
Knowledge Base: Use this document library to write and store Knowledge Base articles and Documents to be shared with the team.
Experts: Use this contact list to track experts within and outside of the organization.
Keywords: Use this list to manage keywords to tag items in the Knowledge Base.
Service Requests: Use the Service Requests list to track detailed information and resolutions for service requests.
Support FAQs: Use the Support FAQs list to track common issues and resolutions.
Tasks: Use the tasks list to enable Knowledge Managers to track tasks that are required.
Links: Use the Links list to list web pages that your organization will find useful.

Customized Application Pages
This site also contains customized Application Pages, which are used to provide customized dashboards for different individuals within the organization:
CSR Dashboard (csrdash): Provides a dashboard view of all service requests organized by CSR Representative.
CSR Home (csrhome): Provides a CSR specific dashboard listing a filtered view of un-owned, owned and assigned service requests.
Knowledge Manager Home (kmhome): Provides a dashboard specifically for the organizations knowledge manager, including a list of the documents in the knowledge base and a Task list.
Service Representative Manager Home (mgrhome): Provides a dashboard giving the CSR Manager an overview of the department’s performance.

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