SharePoint Lending Library Template

Description of Template
The Lending Library SharePoint template helps people manage the physical assets in an organization’s library. The application template tracks general properties about the physical assets as well as which user has currently checked out the asset. It also provides a librarian dashboard to help identify overdue items and manage automated email notifications to borrowers of the overdue item. Users can see the due dates of items that have been checked out and request to be notified when an item is checked back in to the Lending Library.
A librarian dashboard helps teams track all the assets in their lending library, with information on overdue assets, assets that are due today, assets that have been checked out the longest and a complete list of assets checked out and to which user. The librarian dashboard can be used to set up automated notification to users who have overdue items and can also be used to approve or reject pending Lending Library asset requests made by team users.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Central tracking of team members’ Lending Library asset requests, including description, category, purchase price, manufacturer, model, comments and proposed owner.
  • Workflow to approve or reject new asset requests.
  • Creation of Lending Library asset categories to help users locate relevant physical assets.
  • Centralized library browsing with ability to check out assets that are currently avialable or be notified if assets are currently checked out.
  • Librarian role dashboard when enables a designated team member to view pending asset requests, begin the approval process and see relevant library asset information such as current borrower and due date.
  • Notification to borrowers who currently have overdue assets.
  • Notification to team users who request to be notified when an asset is checked back into the Lending Library.

Site Lists and Libraries
Library: A list of all assets and their related properties.
Proposals: A list used to manage and track the team’s proposals for new physical assets.
Categories: A list of categories used to enables teams to group assets in the library.

Customized Workflows and Forms
Approve / Reject new asset requests: This workflow enables approval or rejection of proposed new assets requested by team members. The workflow initiates the Approve / Reject process, enabling the user to add comments and taking appropriate action to add the asset to the Lending Library or remove it from the proposed assets list.
Check In / Check Out: Assets can be checked in or checked out using the form provided within the application template. The form updates the status of the asset, tracks when and which user checked in the asset and allows information to be input highlighting condition checked in and notes.
Notification: Workflow has been created to enable users to be notified when assets they wish to check out are returned to the Lending Library.

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