SharePoint Timecard Management Template

Description of Template
The Timecard Management SharePoint template helps track the hours spent on projects by members of a project team. When a team member “Punches In”, the system request that they select the appropriate project as well as type in which task they are performing on the project. As the team members gradually punch in, the site lists the work in progress and what other team members are working on.
At the end of the day, team members ‘punch out’ which posts their hours worked to the project hours to date list. Project managers can view this information in several different formats, including on a calendar, by week, by project team member and by project.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Creation of Projects: The first step taken is to create projects that team members can assign their time to. A project manager can set up a new project by visiting the project list, clicking “New” and entering the project title and estimate hours (optional). Clicking OK returns to the project listing of the active projects and the estimated hours.
  • Punch In / Punch Out Capabilities: When project team members log into the site, they are prompted to ‘punch-in’ and select which project they are working on. They are also required to manually type the task they are currently performing. When project team members return to the site after completing their work, they are prompted to “punch out”. They can also see which other team members are still punched in an actively working from this page.
  • Project Team Member Hours Worked Analysis: Project team members can use a number of different tools to analyze the hours they have worked. Links provide pages that show “My Hours Today”, showing which projects the user worked on that day, as well as the same information for the entire week. Hours can also be viewed in total by project as well as in a Calendar view, showing hours worked on each project by day, week or month.
  • Manager Project Hours Analysis: Project managers can also use the site to obtain information on what team members are working on currently, progress towards budgeted hours as well as to obtain information on what a team member has worked on to date. The “Work In Progress” tab shows all team members who are currently ‘punched-in’ on a particular project, including their self-reported task and start time. The Project Details tab shows the total hours logged a comparison to the estimated hours and project details by person and by week. Similarly, the Person Details tab lists all the projects a particular team member has worked on organized by project and by week. These different views can be customized to provide additional information by a SharePoint site owner.
  • Editing Punch-In and Punch-Out Time: To correct mistakes made by project members, a site owner can visit the Time Log list to edit start time, end time, project and task information.

Site Lists and Libraries
Projects: A listing of projects currently active on the site.
Team Status: A listing of team members currently ‘punched-in’ and booking time.
Time Log: A complete listing of historical hours logged by team members, the related project and the manually entered tasks. This is where administrators can correct mistakes in made by team members in punching out or selecting an incorrect project.