SharePoint Bug Database Template

Description of Template
The Bug Database SharePoint template helps software development teams collect and track bugs in their code. The template allows bugs to be logged by both end users and members of the development team including collection of supporting data such as Reproduction Steps, Related Bugs, Categories and related screenshots, documents or other files. Team members can either assign a bug owner when logging a bug, or can leave the bug to be assigned at a later time. Unassigned bugs are viewable in a single list and are also listed on the template’s home screen.
To enable simplified viewing of bug informaiton, dashboards of ‘owned’ bugs as well as bugs logged by the authenticated user are available as well as information on the status of that bug. The template allows the software development team to create project milstone dates, which can help prioritize the bugs that have been logged. Also, to ease the ability for developers to locate a specific bug, the template has an internal search function that allows listings of bugs by simply entering in the Bug ID.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Allow all authenticated users with access to the site to log a new bug, listing information such as what it takes to reproduce the bug, comments related bugs and severity levels.
  • Listing of related bugs to simplify assignment and tracking of fixes required.
  • Creation of bug categories, such as UI, Business Logic and Database APIs.
  • Creation of project milestones which can help put a timeline to the priority of bug fixes.
  • Enable bug specific discussions via the comments. This field, highlighted below, tracks all comments made on a specific bug including the timestamp and author.
  • User specific dashboards of bugs the user opened and bugs assigned along with requirements on when the bug fix is required.
  • Using Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007, users can request an RSS feed of any information within the template, or can be alerted by email when something changes.
  • Listing of unassigned bugs that require assignment to a developer on the team.

Site Lists and Libraries
Bug Categories: A list of all bug categories within the template.
Project Milestones: Milestones for the development project, used to prioritize bug fixes required.
Bugs: Bugs listed within the template, including supporting information, owner and discussions.
Tasks: General tasks list to capture tasks not associated with a particular bug.

Custom Forms
There are custom forms created to ease the creation of new bugs, bug categories and milestones. These custom forms are .aspx forms created with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 which can be used to enter information directly into the list in the correct format.

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