SharePoint Classroom Management Template

Description of Template
The Classroom Management SharePoint template helps course instructors improve communication with students. The site includes the capability to upload key assignment due dates, events, course syllabus and supporting materials. Tasks can also be created and assigned to students with due dates for their completion. Additionally, discussions can be held on topics suggested by any member of the site. These discussions can be accessed either through the Classroom Management site or an RSS read such as Microsoft Office Outlook®.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Enter Student Information: Once a course is filled, a professor can add student information to the Classroom Management site, including name, account and student identification number.
  • Create a Course Syllabus: To support the class, a professor can enter detailed information about the course syllabus, including number of classes on a topic, related areas in the text book and location of the class.
  • Create Assignments and Events: The professor can use the Classroom Management site to create due dates for assignment and dates for events, such as mid terms, finals and class trips. These events can be viewed by students in calendar view or from the top page of the site, which lists all events in chronological order.
  • Upload Related Documents: The professor can upload documents relevant to the syllabus or course through the Shared Documents list. Documents can be checked out and modified and users can be alerted through either RSS or email when changes have been made or documents added.
  • Class Discussions: Classroom discussions can be extended outside of the classroom through the use of an online class discussion board. Students can interact directly through the Classroom Management Site or an RSS reader such as Office Outlook. The site keeps all old classroom discussions, which can provide a valuable resource for both students and professors as the continue with the course.
  • Track Tasks: As action items arise during the progression of the course, tasks can be created and assigned. The tasks can have due dates assigned and have the capability of tracking percentage complete.

Site Lists and Libraries
Shared Documents: Use the Shared Document Library to host documents relevant to the course.
Course Syllabus: Use this list for course instructors to detail the course syllabus.
Student Information: Use this list to track student information, including email and id number.
Assignments and Events: Track dates of events and when assignments are due.
Tasks: Lists the tasks and due dates created by professors and students.
Useful Links: Use the links list to provide links that are relevant to the course.
Class Discussion: Extend the classroom discussion outside the classroom through online class discussion boards.

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