SharePoint Compliance Process Support Site Template

Description of Template
The Compliance Process Support Site SharePoint template helps both teams and executive sponsors manage compliance implementation endeavors. The site allows users to specify compliance regulations that must be met as well as projects that are required to meet those regulations. To enable simplified management of projects, tasks and issues are used to help ensure projects required to meet regulatory requirements are met by the compliance events documented on the site’s calendar. The application template also contains document libraries used by team members to store regulatory documents and related files needed to provide the necessary background.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Creation of Compliance Regulations that must be met in order to comply with board or other governing regulatory body requirements.
  • Listing of Compliance Events, or dates at which a milestone event is occurring, such as an audit or committee review.
  • Ability to create a set of projects which are required to satisfy Compliance Regulation.
  • Project management functionality such as creation of tasks and issues and normal status designators. Control Tasks can be viewed and manipulated within a Gantt chart, which provides color designation of percentage of the particular task that is completed.
  • Uploading of background Compliance Documents, such as regulations, board committee notes or other documents that provide necessary background for those involved in the project.
  • User specific dashboards are provided to allow users to see items they are responsible for as well as view their overdue items.

Site Lists and Libraries
Compliance Documents: Store background and other related compliance information.
Compliance Events: Calendar used to track upcoming meetings, deadlines or other dates.
Compliance Regulations: Listing of regulations that must be met and responsible user.
Control Projects: Listing of projects needed to satisfy the compliance regulations.
Control Tasks: Tasks and associated information for a specific project.
Control Issues: Issues for a project, including associated information such as owner.

Customized and Filtered Forms
My Items: Control Tasks and issues filtered by a specific user.
Overdue Items: Control tasks and issues filtered by a specific user that are currently overdue

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