SharePoint Contacts Management Template

Description of Template
The Contacts Management SharePoint template is used by groups or teams who wish to maintain a common set of contact names, phone numbers and email addresses. The template allows central retention of contact information as well as a record of who last updated the contact’s information. Also included in the template is the abiliy to search the entire database of contacts by simply typing in the search criteria in a search box on the main page.

Synchronization with Microsoft Office Outlook
Team members who also use Office Outlook can choose to synchronize the Windows SharePoint Services contact list with their Outlook contact lists, making the information available offline. A change made in either Outlook or the contact management template is automatically synchronized whenever the user is reconnected to the corporate LAN. Users can update the contact’s information offline in Outlook and have the change reflected in the template for other team members to view as soon as they connect back to the corporate LAN. All users who subscribe to the contact lists will always have the most updated contact information.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • A centralized list of contacts including name, phone numbers and email list can be entered and maintained by any member of the team.
  • Tracking of which user entered the contact and which user last modified the information, including date and time modified.
  • Search through online contacts by typing in characters from the last or first name.
  • Synchronize with Office Outlook to ensure team members all have the most up to date contact information.