SharePoint Inventory Tracking Template, Management, Tool, List

Description of Template
The Inventory Tracking template helps organizations track inventory levels by capturing manual input of sales and new inventory purchases from suppliers. The template enables users to track the cost and sales value of each inventory item separately as well as categorizes each inventory item into user specified groupings. Through a main dashboard, users are provided easy to user transaction forms such as ‘log a sale’ and ‘create an order’. The dashboard also lists low inventory and which items need to be reordered through a supplier as well as the day’s sales so far.Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Centralized view of inventory levels, reorder status and day’s sales.
  • Customer, supplier and inventory information forms with a mix of required and option information, enabling template owners to capture as much data as required for these three groups.
  • Easy to use transaction form for logging a sale of an inventory item, including automated calculation within the form of Quantity in Inventory and Transaction Value (cost of purchased items). Sales users also enter in the sales price and additional information.
  • Create an order for new inventory with an easy to use form that shows documented purchase price, quantity in inventory and calculated transaction value. The form also allows for entry of expected delivery date, supplier and additional information to be entered regarding the order.
  • Detailed inventory level transaction history including type of transaction, customer/supplier, quantity, transaction price and transaction value.

Site Lists and Libraries
Categories: Groupings of inventory items used to organize large sets of information.
Customers: A listing of customer information entered into the site.
Inventory: A listing of inventory items, balances and related information.
Suppliers: A listing of suppliers with relevant information such as address.
Transactions: Historical record of sales and purchases made through the site.