SharePoint Job Requisition and Interview Management Template

Description of Template
The Job requisition and Interview Management SharePoint Template helps recruiters streamline the process of managing the creation of job requisitions, coordinating interviews, collecting interview feedback and tracking the results of the interviews all in one place. The template allows assignment of responsibility for requisitions, candidates and interviews to people in the organization. Once logged in, these individuals have the option to see only the requisitions, candidates and interviews that they are responsible for or a complete list of all information on the site.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Submit job requisitions and candidates into the system and give them a priority.
  • Assign responsibility for requisitions and candidates to specific recruiters.
  • Approve, deny or cancel requisitions for new positions.
  • Schedule interviews with individuals in the organization.
  • Track feedback for individual candidates in a central location, providing a place where interviewers can give hire / no hire decisions and notes on the candidate’s performance.
  • View a filtered list of only the user’s assigned requisitions, candidates and interview schedules.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007: Users have the capability to subscribe to the site’s calendar, enabling them to view scheduled interviews through Office Outlook 2007. When a schedule is updated, users who have subscribed to view this calendar in Office Outlook 2007 have that change synchronized to the offline calendar.
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