SharePoint Physical Asset Tracking and Management Template

Description of Template
The Physical Asset Tracking and Management SharePoint template helps teams manage new asset proposals and track the status of existing assets. Using the built in workflow, an asset manager can approve or deny requests for new assets made by others within the organization. Once purchased, properties for the asset can be uploaded including purchase price and date, location, condition, manufacturer, model, current owner, current estimated value and retirement date.
In the period after acquisition, asset managers can return to the site and update the location, condition and estimated value of each asset, allowing a centralized location for a company to track asset information. The template also includes a location where the retirement date can be entered and comments can be entered regarding the reason for retirement, assets condition or other relevant information. Assets can also be tracked by user defined category, such as Capital Equipment, Office Equipment and Service Fleet Equipment. Proposals and asset acquisitions can then be tracked under these categories, enabling a simplified management of assets by category managers.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Enable organizational users to propose the requisition of new assets in a centralized location. New asset proposals can include recommended manufacturer, description, purchase price, model number and comments on why the asset is required. The requestor can input an owner’s username, which allows that person to view the pending proposal on the main dashboard.
  • Perform an automated workflow to Approve or Reject the proposal by an asset manager, entering comments as to why a proposal was accepted or rejected.
  • Convert a proposal to an actual asset by entering actual purchase information such as Item, Description, Manufacturer, Model, Owner, Date Acquired, Current Value and Location.
  • View a user specific dashboard of Announcements, Assets under management, and proposals made and their status.
  • Define categories for assets to enable simplified tracking of assets.
  • View filtered view of the lists and information by user, proposals, new assets and assets under management.

Site Lists and Libraries
Assets: A list of assets and their respective properties, including category, location, owner and date acquired.
Categories: Categories organize the assets into types and can simplify management
Proposals: Create proposals to manage and track your team’s requests for new physical assets
Announcements: Use the Announcements list to post messages on the home page of your site

This site also contains a customized workflow to approve or reject new proposals. This workflow allows the approver to enter comments and will convert the proposal to ‘accepted’ in the proposal list and will allow the asset manager to enter in detailed information about the asset. If the approver chooses to ‘reject’ the proposal, the workflow will convert the proposal to ‘rejected’ in the proposal list and will not list the proposed asset in the asset list.