SharePoint Room and Equipment Reservations Template

Description of Template
The Room and Equipment Reservations SharePoint template helps teams organize the use of their shared resources. The site tracks room and equipment reservations, helping team members find times when specific types of equipment are available. It helps teams streamline the process of reserving a resource and organizes each team member’s reservations through a central dashboard.
The Room and Equipment Reservation site operates independently from a Microsoft Exchange® Server and is best utilized within workgroups that have frequently changing equipment lists, but need to manage the availability of that equipment across a set group. The template allows filtered views, including a listing of the authenticated user’s existing reservations, and uses workflow to prevent double booking of rooms and equipment.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Create a Resource: The site enables users to list a new resource that is available to be scheduled or reserved. Resource categories can be created, enabling a simplified method for team members to find resources to reserve. Next, resources are added such as conference rooms, laptops or projectors. As resources are added, users select the appropriate category.
  • Reserve a Resource: Site users click on the link “Reserve a Resource” under the common actions tab and can filter the resources by name or resource type. By default, the site shows business hours for resources, but can show a 24 hour period by ticking the “Show Full Day” box on the page.
  • To create a reservation: Site user clicks on the appropriate resource, which opens a reservations form with the resource pre-selected. The user selects the day and time desired and clicks “ok”. If the resource is already reserved, the user receives an error; otherwise, the resource is successfully reserved.
  • View My Reserved Resources: Site users can view their resources by visiting the home page of the site. Each unique user sees a listing of the resources they have reserved, including start and end times. From this view they can delete a reservation, change reservation times or add additional reservation requests.

Site Lists and Libraries
Reservations: The Reservations list tracks reservations made for resources handled by the site.
Resource Types: Use the resources type list to categorize your team’s resources.
Resources: Use the resources list to manage your team’s room and equipment that is handled by the site.
Announcements: Use the Announcements list to post messages on the home page of your site.
Tasks: Use the Tasks list to keep track of work that the team needs to complete.

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