SharePoint Sports League Template

Description of Template
The Sports League SharePoint template helps groups within a company organize, schedule and manage a team sports league, in this case Baseball. The application template helps league administrators assign individuals to teams, schedule games, track team and player statistics as well as foster communication between team members. It also serves as the announcement and contacts listing for the sports league, enabling those interested in joining to find information about the league on their company’s internal website.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Form league teams: Typically the first step for any new league is the formation of teams. League administrators create new teams and assign ‘captains’ to each team.
  • Assign players to teams: Players can be assigned to each team using the ‘Manage Players’ page under the Team Management category. Players must be an authorized user of the Windows SharePoint Services site to be joined to a team. The site allows for simple swapping of players between teams in case mid-season ‘trading’ occurs frequently.
  • Schedule Games and Events: The site includes a calendar function which allows scheduling of games, practices or events. Teams can be selected and after the game, the captain or league administrator can edit the event to include the home and away team scores.
  • Contact information and Announcements: The site includes the capability to enter contact information for captains, players and league administrators as well as the capability to post announcements such as the deadlines for new team formation.
  • Statistics Entry and Analysis: The application template supports the capability of entering and analyzing game and player statistics. Different views of the data can be shown automatically, such as total, average and by individual game. The captain or league administrator can decide how much detail they choose to enter about each game – as little as a score or as much as detailed, by player information on ‘at bats, hits’ and pitching data.
  • League Discussion: To help foster community between league members, the Sports League application template includes a discussion functionality that can be integrated via an RSS feed to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007. League members log into the Sports League site to start a discussion and can reply to the discussion from within Office Outlook 2007 or the Sports League site.

Site Lists and Libraries
Captains Information: Lists contact information for team captains and league administrators.
League Calendar: Tracks games, practices, events and other calendar items.
Player Statistics: Enter and track player statistics such as hits and runs.
Player List: List and edit players for each team.
Teams: Create and list league teams.
League Discussion: Use the League Discussion list to hold newsgroup-style discussions between league members.