SharePoint Form Customization

Now that the list forms app has been successfully installed and added to a site, it’s time to add the new webparts to the newly created list’s new, edit and display forms.

The following lists are created for each template and each of their display and edit forms will have to be updated:

Change ManagementChanges
Expense RequestExpenses

1. Make sure the newly created list’s experience is set to classic. Go to the list settings, advanced settings, and set the experience to classic experience.

2. Now we need to replace the out of the box list form web part with the new one. Within the new list click on “new item”.

3. Within the “new item” page, click the gear icon and click on Edit page

4. Click Add a Web Part

5. Select the EditForm web part (This same EditForm web part is used on both the new and edit forms), click the Add button and now you’ll see the new form above default SharePoint webpart.

6. The out of the box form should be hidden. Scroll down till you get to the webpart form and click it’s down arrow to the right and click Close. Don’t delete it, as SharePoint won’t let you open the form if it’s deleted. Closing it will hide the web part.

7. Click the Page tab at the top and click Stop Editing

8. Your list New form is now set up. Do the same for the list Edit form using the same EditForm webpart and the Display form using the DisplayForm web part. To access the Edit and Display forms, you’ll need to create a list item.

If you have questions or would like to customize please contact, thank you.