SharePoint Web Parts

SharePoint Apple Keyboard Web Part

Apple styled buttons for navigation or click to actions.

SharePoint Bento Style Layout Web Part

Bento styled layout for a corporate, department, project or initiative site.

SharePoint Gradient Glow Web Part

Text cycles through a number of gradient color glows.

SharePoint Vertical Carousel Web Part

Blocks of text and images in an animated vertical carousel.

SharePoint Text Spotlight Web Part

Spotlight the section of text where the cursor is hovering over.

SharePoint Multiline Ribbon Web Part

Display titles in ribbon format.

SharePoint Magic Wand Reveal Web Part

Images are magically revealed when the wand is hovered over.

SharePoint Fluid Text Web Part

Fluid animation on cursor hovering.

SharePoint Turning Pages Web Part

Images are displayed through an animated page turn.

SharePoint Parallax Seasons Web Part

Just for fun parallax animated seasons.

SharePoint Landing Page Tile Reveal Web Part

Landing page that can be used to highlight people, processes or initiatives.

SharePoint Night Drive Web Part

Fun animation that can serve as an inspiration for other types of animations for your organization or department.

SharePoint Single Image Focus Web Part

Blurred single image that unblurs circular area when hovering.

SharePoint Range Sliders Web Part

Set of range type of controls for use in value adjustment scenarios.

SharePoint Neumorphic Buttons Web Part

Buttons with a caved-in effect when clicked.

SharePoint Mouse Pointer Stealer Web Part

Play a practical joke on your co-workers with this mouse stealing web part.

SharePoint Animated Hover Navigation Web Part

Panes expand when hovered that can be used for animated navigation.

SharePoint Hero CTA Side Navigation Web Part

Display hero component with cta and navigation on the left side.

SharePoint 3D Scrolling Gallery Timeline Web Part

Images zoom in when scrolling in for 3D effect.

SharePoint Parallax Scrollable Layout Web Part

Parallax scrollable layout for organization or department sites.

SharePoint Neon Theme Scrolling Pagination Web Part

Display data through a neon-themed pagination list view.

SharePoint Newspaper Layout Web Part

Display organization or department level news in an old-fashioned newspaper layout.

SharePoint Card Hover Filter Web Part

Hovered image gets focus as the others turn blurry.

SharePoint Card Shuffle Effect Web Part

Card shuffler. Can be used to announce corporate or department events.

SharePoint Expandable Cards Web Part

Expand cards when hovering to reveal more information.

SharePoint Image Gallery Hover Focus Web Part

Gallery of images that expand hovered over image.

SharePoint Space Travel Web Part

Welcome visitors to your corporate or department site with this space themed animation.

SharePoint 3D Fold Out Reveal Web Part

Click a card to view more information in a fold out animation.

SharePoint Click Bottom Scroll Web Part

Display more information when arrow is clicked through a bottom scroll parallax-type transition.

SharePoint Voyage Slider Web Part

Scroll through images with a behind the carousel transition and animated background.

SharePoint Responsive Image Carousel Web Part

Scroll through images in a smooth jump transition animation.

SharePoint Change Management Web Part

Display change order list and related information within a single view.

SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part

Visualize a list of tasks in a Gantt chart as part of a project overview.

SharePoint Column Chart Web Part

Visualize list data through a column chart.

SharePoint Pie Chart Web Part

Visualize list data through a pie chart and combine them to form a dashboard.

SharePoint Happy Hour Web Part

Stylistic collage of images for a location or event.

SharePoint Expandable Flex Cards Web Part

Displays up to five images that expand when clicked.

SharePoint FAQ Web Part

Display a list of questions and their answers.

SharePoint Kanban Web Part

Update SharePoint list items through a Kanban board.

SharePoint Card Hover Interaction Web Part

Displays up to four cards that animate to display a message and link when mouse hovered.

SharePoint Weather Web Part

Display current temperature in Fahrenheit or Celcius.

SharePoint Employee of the Month

Display an employee of the month with an image and message.