How to Copy a SharePoint List

Here’s how you can copy a list from one SharePoint site to another:

  1. Save the List as a Template:
  • Navigate to the SharePoint site that contains the list you want to copy.
  • Go to the list you want to copy, and from the ribbon menu, click on the “List” tab.
  • Choose “List Settings” from the settings dropdown menu.
  • Under the “Permissions and Management” section, click on “Save list as a template.”
  1. Complete the Template Creation Form:
  • On the “Save List as Template” page, provide a name for the template.
  • You can choose to include content in the template (if you want the list items to be copied too).
  • Click “OK” to create the template. SharePoint will save the template in the List Template Gallery of the site.
  1. Download the List Template:
  • After the template is created, go to the List Template Gallery.
  • Find and download the template file you just created. The template file will have a “.stp” extension.
  1. Upload the List Template to the Destination Site:
  • Navigate to the SharePoint site where you want to copy the list.
  • Go to the List Template Gallery of the destination site.
  • Upload the .stp file that you downloaded from the source site.
  1. Create a New List Based on the Template:
  • After uploading the template to the destination site, go to the Site Contents.
  • Click “new,” and in the list of apps/templates, you should see the template you uploaded.
  • Choose the template, provide a name and other necessary details for the new list, and click “Create.”
  1. Optional: Adjust List Settings (if required):
  • Once the new list is created, you may need to adjust some settings like permissions, views, or other configurations as per your requirements.