SharePoint Change Request Management Template

Description of Template
The Change Request Management SharePoint template helps teams manage lists of projects and their related budgets, tasks, issues, milestones and change requests. Using this template, users enter project information, including estimated start and end days, project health, project owner, percent complete and budget information in both currency and days. Each project team member can enter project tasks, issues and milestones and associate those to a specific project, indicating the start and end dates, which is shown on a Gantt Chart or in list format. Also included in the template are dashboards showing the overall status of all projects.

Activities Performed in this Application Template

  • Create and Manage Projects Lists with start and end dates, project budgets, project owner and information regarding the health of the project.
  • Enable users to enter project related tasks and issues, choosing to either assign them to a team member, or leave them ‘unassigned’ in order to allow the project manager to assign a task.
  • Indicate Project Milestones and dates.
  • Change dates for tasks by dragging and dropping bars on a Gantt Chart.
  • Show Project Specific data including Project Name, Related Tasks, Related Issues and Related Milestones.
  • Upload Documents that are relevant to the project, enabling version tracking and ‘checking out’ of the document for offline editing.
  • Create threaded discussions where team members can use a built in rich text editor to discuss the project and RSS functionality.
  • Create Change Requests within Microsoft Office: Using the template, users can create change requests within Office Word and save them automatically back to the template site. Information about the change request is entered directly into fields within the Office Word document, which then is transferred back to the template when the document is saved.

Site Lists and Libraries
Projects List: A list of all projects that are being budgeted and managed within the site.
Project Tasks: Tasks and associated information for a specific project.
Project Issues: Issues for a project, including associated information such as owner.
Project Milestones: Milestones for a project, including date and completion status.
Project Risks: Use this list to track the risks associated with completing a particular project.

Customized Lists and Libraries
Discussion Boards: Use the discussion boards to host threaded conversations on projects, tasks or issues. These discussion boards can be set up by the site administrator.
Document Library: Use document libraries to store files needed for a specific project.