SharePoint Change Request Management Template, App

Option 1 – SharePoint Site Template

The SharePoint change management template includes the following:

  • The ability to approve or reject a change order
  • View related change orders from the Project display form
  • Pie chart the displays total number of change orders by project
  • Workflows that update the Calendar on a new or existing change order
  • A workflow that emails the project Approver on a new change order

Go to FSApps and sign up to download the template for free.

Option 2 – SharePoint Site Template with Styled Change Order Form

SharePoint template with a customizable styled change order form with 35 fields.

Includes an approvers list for attaching multiple approvers to a change order for approval.

Also includes notification workflows to approvers and requestors.

Option 3 – Change Management Web Part

SharePoint web part, developed with the SPFX framework, the deploys in classic and modern SharePoint sites. Read more about this web part.

Go to FSApps and sign up to download the templates or try the web parts for free.